What is BioTanjo Natural & Organic Products ?

    BioTanjo is an environmentally conscious company created by biologically oriented individuals Tanja Staraj & Wim Roelants on a mission to serve you.

    Offering you healthy, natural, organic products free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


    Both consumers and ourselves, the co-founders of BioTanjo, quickly discovered some of the challenges of using high quality non-GMO organic products for ourselves and our family.

    Shopping for products that are free of harmful dyes and toxic chemicals should not be so difficult.  But it is !

    For this reason BioTanjo was created.

    We order all our products from reliable and environmentally friendly suppliers all over the world.  We strive to sell all our natural and organic products in their purest and natural state.  We guarantee that all our certified organic products are non-GMO and free of harmful chemicals.

    At BioTanjo we only offer natural and organic products that we would use at home. We like to think of our customers as a family ...

    We welcome you at BioTanjo Natural & Organic Products !



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